Design challenge

Lee Kum Kee are one of the world’s largest suppliers of sauce and condiments, serving over 220 products to more than 100 countries. Magnetic were appointed to create a visually striking campaign for Lee Kum Kee's partnership with Dreamworks’ release of Kung Fu Panda. Lee Kum Kee needed a design agency to help with all the creative material needed for the campaign, which was rolled out in three different countries: the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

Creative solution

Magnetic created all aspects of the campaign, from campaign identity and logo design to social media posts and promotional material. Magnetic also designed a fully responsive website, which had two separate prize draw mechanisms, a Chinese culture page with fun activities and a recipe section. Our designers adopted a Chinese theme with a red, white and yellow colour palette and traditional Chinese shapes and patterns. Magnetic also created a calendar and recipe booklet consistent with the traditional Chinese elements of the brand identity, all of which were available in three languages.

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