CoreNet Dynamics

Design challenge


Headquartered in Berlin, Core Network Dynamics (CND) develops software to support mobile network infrastructure. First launched in 2014, the CND website was beginning to look old for its age. A sin by any standard, least of all for a tech business. Determined to retain the core aesthetics and brand visuals, CND enlisted Magnetic to modernise both the website and brand identity (including logo), the final outcome had to be robust and recognisable.

Creative Solution  

Magnetic set to work on the sitemap first, rethinking the location and way in which content was presented proved key to a seamless and intuitive user journey across the site. Our focus then shifted to home & inner page layouts; sketching out a structure for the CND message to stand out - also helped by the introduction of a round & soft serif typeface. The logo was strengthened with a heavier font and the letters ‘cnd’ were integrated more consistently. The tail of the ‘d’ now formed a resemblance to an antenna, a subtle nod to mobile. The overall results received an outstanding review by the client. CND wasted no time in asking Magnetic to do the same for its other two websites: OpenEPC and OpenIMSCore.

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