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With experience managing the most prestigious members clubs in London, DS Events was created to extend that reach and expand on the decades of expertise throughout London’s most exclusive venues.

Magnetic set about creating a logo that aimed to convey a handful of concepts closely tied to its market & audience. The logo needed to communicate a sense of bespoke, luxury, unique, and experiential; while also merging classic with modern aesthetics. We selected a serif font as the main logo feature, then disrupted the shape to open up space for the other part of the name, using a customised cursive typeface; together helping to create a unique and modern brand image.

Armed with a stunning new logo, the next step was to set about designing a stylish website with special focus on content, and user experience.

The final outcome was a website that conveyed a sleek and chic vibe, supported by eye catching imagery from a broad portfolio of past events. Magnetic injected some dynamic elements, in balance with the general sober theme we had outlined. The outcome was a website with a user journey that was intuitive, engaging and a message that was ultimately compelling.

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