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Being one of the few go-to agencies for a technology behemoth like Meta (formerly Facebook) is as challenging as it is exhilarating, as well as being a real test of our branding, communication and design chops.

We support a large number of Meta events and campaigns throughout EMEA. Being one of the preferred suppliers for a tech giant like Facebook is as exhilarating as it is challenging. It is an ultimate test of our branding, communication and design skills. 

What we do


Campaign development / localisations

From finding names and writing slogans to concepting the visual identity.  We create all the offline and digital campaign assets and adapt them to local markets throughout the USA and EMEA regions. As a full-service agency, we pool all our resources to generate outstanding results.


Internal Communications

We produce Internal presentations, reports, infographics as well as email newsletters or internal product launches. Magnetic provides assistance at every stage of creating clear and design-led internal communications.


Event collateral material

Making sure all business event space and accompanying collateral is on-brand and effective. We handle the design of everything including the activation areas and the main stage, even the swags and printed marketing literature. We make sure that any event we take part in is an undeniable success.

Made by Turkey loved by the World

‘Every business has a story.’


The Made By project was a global campaign about showcasing amazing success stories from small businesses that had managed to open up to international trade and achieve big things by using Facebook and Instagram advertising tools.


We managed the entirety of the Made by project for the Turkish market. This included filming and production, post production and editing, copywriting in both English and Turkish as well as shooting and designing printed magazine ads and press releases.


We also created Facebook and Instagram ads which were used to inspire other small businesses with these eye-opening success stories. These outcomes were used on Facebook, Instagram, and also on various offline and digital publications and media channels including TV.


Visit the Made by Loved by site here.

iPhone 6s Screen Mockup.png

Beyond Borders

This project aimed to help Small and Medium Businesses find new customers, open up to global markets and trade across borders by using both Facebook and Instagram.


We found the name, created the event collateral and designed digital ads, a website and an infographic video.


See what we contributed to here.

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MediaCat is one of the largest marketing and advertising publications in Turkey. During the launch of IGTV, we designed the cover of the Instagram special edition of Mediacat.


Our 3D designers created a bespoke visual which was simple yet engaging and was an inspired alternative to using the screenshots of the user interface.

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 10.23.09.png

The Economist

We designed a joint report created by Facebook for the Middle East and the Economist magazine.

View the full report here.


The biggest marketing industry event in Turkey.


From designing the booths, to hacking and theming the main stage, our work was hard to miss as we supported Instagram at Istanbul’s Brand Week. 

We created and developed ads for the digital screens, produced interstitial videos and designed presentations as well as the overarching Instagram booth and mainstage concept. It was bold, bright and unforgettable. 

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Facebook Hub

Facebook Istasyon is a co-working and event space in Istanbul. 

It’s a space for both individual and business related development.  Facebook and its partners offer workshops and educational programs for growing businesses. Helping them to manage their digital presence online safely and teaching them to use online content consciously.


From the very beginning of the project we worked closely with different Facebook teams. We were involved in the name finding process, the logo design and branding, as well as web design, creating looks for events, booklets, leaflets, digital ads, banners, newsletters and even more.


We also created an informative video for the opening ceremony which was shown on both web and TV. On top of this we are one of the training partners of Facebook Istasyon. We provide monthly workshops to small businesses on the importance of design when opening up to international markets.

Magnetic is also one of the partners of the Facebook Community Hub in Istanbul (Facebook Istasyon). We host monthly workshops around the importance of design for businesses who are planning to open up to international trade.

Internal communications

We create impactful presentation decks, project summary videos, annual reports, infographics and newsletters. These keep all internal team members in sync using key visuals and bold logos.

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Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 17.56.55.png

Beauty Summit

This is a great example of the events we design and develop alongside Facebook. We developed the event identity and accompanying materials for the Facebook Beauty Summit event which is an event held by Facebook for the beauty industry. 

We created bold and colourful visuals that were refreshing whilst still adhering to Facebook’s brand guidelines. 

In recent times events are becoming more virtual, however, we still need to ensure the event identity remains consistent. From the registration pages to the invitation emails we know how to keep your branding synergetic.

Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 11.17.35.png

9 Views on video

This was an EMEA wide campaign. We designed booklets and infographic cards for the campaign launch. These were in the shape of a smartphone to reflect the focal point: mobile video. 

Ramadan Stories


We designed dynamic informative stories for the Instagram for Business official account (@instagramforbusiness). 

These celebrated Ramadan and shared tips with businesses on how to grow, reach and develop during such a large scale social event. 

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