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We know that businesses struggle to find supportive, efficient creative partners and that’s why we’ve created an agency where you’ll be able to achieve more.


We deliver fast turnarounds, a supportive, international team and a full range of offline and digital creative services. At Magnetic, we make partnerships that create space to aim higher, grow quicker and think bigger.

Having once been a start-up, we’re familiar with what it’s like to be a business owner setting out on your own.


It’s true, there’s a lot out there to help you, but we think this may be part of the problem. If you’re consuming too much information, trying to use every platform to get a lead, it will all eventually take its toll.


Magnetic is your sounding board, international link and the supportive expert you’ve been missing. With our creative support and fast turnarounds you will suddenly find space for bigger possibilities. 

You can expect...

Finding problems and sourcing solutions

Icon for sourcing solutions: Puzzle pieces coming together

Expertise in delivering a unique narrative

Icon for expertise in delivering a unique narrative

Design Expertise

Fast turnarounds

A committed and supportive partner

Get ready to feel aligned with your business vision. Start believing in the transformation we can build for you. Making more revenue and working on less.

Brand guideline booklet of Dryad
Website of Hovarda which runs on a smartphone

Client: Hovarda

Client: Dryad

Demonstration of web pages of DS Events
Office supplies of Kraiv
Toy Room Club web site page running on a laptop

Client: Toy Room Club

Business cards of ADC Energy

Client: Kraiv

Client: adc Energy

Office supplies of Kromeka

Client: Kromeka

Client: DS Events

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