Design challenge


A brand-new Aegean inspired bar and restaurant was set to pop-up in the heart of London’s Soho. This high-end eatery’s interior was designed by the Spanish studio of Lázaro Rosa-Violán. The bar was raised high, creating a thrilling design challenge for Magnetic: To craft a stunning yet sophisticated website for Hovarda, echoing the stylishly aquatic themed interior of the bar/restaurant.

Creative solution


The Magnetic approach to Hovarda’s web design took inspiration from the restaurants simple, luxurious menu and no-nonsense dining experience. An intuitive layout with high contrast was created to ensure a seamless user journey from booking a table to discovering this weeks featured DJ. Magnetic used an alluring and vivid aquatic header image on the first fold of the homepage, blending together with dark blue and grey tones used throughout the website. Striking a balance was key, Magnetic built a subtle parallax effect towards the bottom of the homepage, behind a stunning fish dish to inspire appetite.

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