Karo Istanbul

Design Challenge

Karo Istanbul is a ceramics brand flying the flag for a bygone era by championing an almost forgotten craft. and at the same time transforms these tiles into a product with high level of aesthetics by combining the workshop experiences from the past with universal basic art values.

Creative solution

KaroIstanbul’s aim of contacting Magnetic, was to prioritize the old website to make it more modern. In need of a touch of modern look KaroIstanbul needed to make its name heard in the global market as they have just opened a new showroom in the centre of modern design of Europe, London.


In need of a website design that the brand wants to make its name heard in the global market and revives the historical history of KaroIstanbul reflecting the modern touches to a country like the new England which is the center of design in Europe. Magnetic have worked hard with the Turkish and the UK offices of KaroIstanbul to create a design to move the brand further in the global market.

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