Design challenge

KRAIV Property is an exclusive off-market real-estate firm, selling exceptional high-end homes and commercial properties. Their existing website was plain and static, not at all representing the ‘luxury feel’ that had become synonymous with the brand and its target market.

Creative Solution


Magnetic set about implementing a sober palette, consisting of gold, charcoal and a dark turquoise. Together, these tones would combine to convey an opulent feel, with a modern touch. Following through that trend, we hand-picked a set of fonts; a bold and stylish grotesk for titles and headers, the other a subtle & modern sans for body text.


The overall theme was initially based on a minimal layout, overlapping boxes with parallax effects, affording a dynamic sense of movement across the site. The aim was to focus the attention of visitors on the stunning photos of luxury, high-end properties; KRAIV’s main draw for elite investors.

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