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Live union

Design Challenge

A leading event design & production agency, Live Union deliver events for some the biggest global brands; with a focus on innovative event formats & technologies. Needing to impress its new client, BlackRock, Live Union partnered up with Magnetic to deliver an immersive event experience using Augmented Reality.

Creative Solution


Working together to enrich the BlackRock event stand with Augmented Reality (AR), Magnetic & Live union transformed the way BlackRock would approach events in the future. Suddenly, there was a much better way to get audiences to engage with the brand at events. Magnetic created ‘come to life’ videos & animations, dynamic infographics and interactive polls all enabled via AR. The results proved to be a giant success for BlackRock. Since that first event in October 2017 using AR at an event in Munich, BlackRock has embraced the technology for every subsequent global event it takes part in.   

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