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My Neighbour is a Cat

Design challenge


Assigned one of BaoZou’s upcoming cartoon series called My Neighbour Is A Cat, which is a charming look into the world through a cat’s eyes, it was requested that Magnetic London manage both Instagram and Facebook social media platforms. With their being little to no awareness of the upcoming cartoon series during that stage, the aim was to create curiosity and build an online community around these furry friends before the launch. 

Creative solution 


The Magnetic London Social Media team got to work right away to create a world that celebrates these furry friends that have been given their show. Utilising all the interactive aspects of Instagram and Facebook, the team used Instagram stories, interactive polls, Gifs, and all other features to generate interest and create a two-way communication funnel with followers. Engaging creative visuals that asked followers to fill in a blank face and make it a cat face was a successful hit and the account witnessed a substantial growth spurt as a result.

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