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Before and After

Photoshop has long been seen as a polarising force in the design and art world. On one hand it’s the sliced bread, the how did we survive without it, the paradigm shift, the singularity. On the other hand it is the Frankenstein’s monster, the kryptonite, the child of Mammon. One thing that we can all agree on is that since Adobe’s Magnus Opus has been made commercially available it has had an impact on the whole world. It has veritably been the Pandora’s box that changed the design world.

So it was quite refreshing to stumble across Esther Honig’s ‘Before and After’ project. Esther is a 24-year-old Kansas City, Missouri-based journalist who recently hired people across the globe to work their Photoshop wizardry on an image of herself with naked shoulders, tied back hair, and no visible makeup.

And of course the images have now gone viral. The difference between the images is quite intruiging and it offers a hint at what is considered the industry view of beautiful in the different countries.

The project is not just aesthetically interesting but her use of the global online marketplace website ‘fiverr’ to execute the project also shows how successful these websites have become and also how the design world is leaning more and more to different ways of sourcing projects and talent.

You can peruse all of the photoshopped images on :!before--after-/cvkn


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author: Mr. Tronica - @MagneticLondon

#design #photoshop #adobe #postproduction


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