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The Success of Our eHarmony Campaign

A few weeks ago we shared with you a recent project with eHarmony UK. The School of Happiness was a six week masterclass into finding true happiness. Magnetic worked closely with eHarmony to develop the whole campaign identity, website design and downloadable resources.

eHarmony Project by Web Design Agency Magnetic

Now that the six-week crash course has come to an end (don’t worry, the campaign will remain online so you can still access all the free tips and resources!), we thought we would give you a little snapshot of how it performed.

The positive reaction on social media and quality of the users who were driven to the main eHarmony site mean that the campaign more than achieved its goal in terms of awareness and brand preference and consideration metrics. It also perfectly aligns with eHarmony’s mission to be a champion of singles and an expert in the dating world.

Success in numbers:

  • Achieved 4,939 site visits

  • Drove 54 sessions to

  • Reached just under 19,000 people on Facebook and 15,000 people on Twitter, with over 200 people actively engaging with the content.

Overall we’re really proud of the campaign and the results it achieved. The best part of all is that the content will remain available and we expect the website to continue being a useful resource beyond these six weeks.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can visit the site by clicking here.


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