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Magnetic were appointed by The Partners to be official designers
for all material relating to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s 
attendance at the prestigious
real estate exhibition, MIPIM.

What we did


Print design

Magnetic’s services also extended to project management for the designed pieces and worked with the THEPARTNERS, to oversee the design and production of the exhibition guides, the social media visuals, the mailing campaign, all flyers, leaflets and posters and even the staff uniforms and lanyards. Through working with Magnetic, THEPARTNERS were able to ensure that the branding was consistent throughout the exhibition as well as online.


Logo design & branding

Magnetic were tasked with creating a modern identity to use at the exhibition which blended seamlessly with ICOC’s current branding and was in keeping with the Digital Revolution theme.

In response to the brief Magnetic created a new logo based around ICOC’s existing logo and used the colours and imagery to create a consistent identity and theme which was applied to all media.


Web design

Magnetic also designed an affiliated website for the exhibition ( along with a mobile friendly version and also produced all of the design work for touchscreen information points.

ICOC needed a creative agency that would help them highlight investment potential in Istanbul, in line with the year’s ‘Digital Revolution’ theme.


Augmented reality

Magnetic also enriched all printed materials with Augmented Reality, allowing digital layers to be embedded onto any printed material, essentially bringing them to life when they are scanned with a smartphone. With this cutting edge technology the visitors were able to watch introductory videos, see the pavilion’s location on google maps, go directly to the website, follow ICOC on social media and see photos of Istanbul as a slideshow all through their phone.


Appointed as creative consultants and a ‘one-stop​ shop’ for all of The Partners and ICOC’s exhibition design needs,​ Magnetic were responsible for creating a range of design material. Magnetic developed a campaign identity which was applied to all ​printed and digital media, as well as a website design and user interfaces for touchscreen information points inside the pavilion.


Magnetic also designed all printed materials for the exhibition, including the interior and exterior walls of the pavilion, outdoor banners, exhibition booklet, leaflets and magazine adverts.


This printed material was enriched with Augmented Reality, allowing visitors to view new construction projects in 3D, watch introductory videos, see the pavilion’s location on Google Maps, go directly to the website and follow ICOC on social media.


Project Owner:
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Executive Producer:
The Partners, Istanbul – Turkey

Graphic Design, Web Design, Visual Communication and Augmented Reality Agency: Magnetic

Magnetic also devised the “Carry Istanbul In Your Pocket” campaign and orchestrated a high-tech photoshoot to capture various 360 degree panoramas of Istanbul.


These panoramas were then embedded on pocket size cards and enriched with Augmented Reality, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of Istanbul through their smartphone.

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