WWF Turkey

Design challenge

We love working with the WWF. Its mission to support & protect nature, our fragile ecosystem, resonates on a deep level with Magnetic’s core principles and values. Each project is an opportunity to make meaningful impact, effect positive change, and to do so through creative design.


Creative solution


Kas-Kekova is a southern seaside region in Turkey. Officially declared as a protected marine zone, its conservation is of vital importance to all sea life in the eastern Mediterranean. Magnetic was intimately involved in several public awareness campaigns for WWF. Starting with the design & production of WWF’s annual investor report, which was also received by all WWF board members, Magnetic next challenge was to design a booklet aimed at broad community distribution. The booklet illustrated 10 ways to protect Kas-Kekova’s marine life.


Our focus was then turned to more specific conservation campaigns, for two endangers fish species: Grouper and the Rabbitfish. Formatted and distributed as physical leaflets, Magnetic designed both in the shape of the subject fish. Both initiatives received a tremendous amount of local attention, and ultimately contributed to the budding restoration of those marine populations.


You can find out more in our blog post here


Print Design

“We worked with Magnetic to develop design material that would help to increase awareness in order to protect marine and terrestrial wildlife and to develop sustainable tourism in Kas-Kekova Special Protected Area, Turkey. Their talented team of business and creative minds designed a range of visual communications to educate local people on how to prevent the Grouper populations from going extinct. Magnetic’s powerful designs helped to make a positive impact on the wider community by building awareness and generating support. We are so grateful to Magnetic for their support of environmental issues and hope to continue working with them in the future."

Yaprak Arda - Conservation Officer, WWF

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