Design challenge


Being one of London’s most exclusive top-tier night club venues, ToyRoom’s interior design is exactly what you would expect: Chic, vibrant, edgy, and chock-full of nigh-life aesthetic appeal. However, its website was long forgotten and had fallen well out of synch with the venues vibe. Magnetic was brought in to re-design and modernise the entire site from scratch.

Creative solution


Playing off its vibrant neon interior, Magnetic emulated that look and feel throughout the websites inner pages. The homepage featured a dynamic video background edited from actual venue footage to welcome site visitors with an explosive and enticing splash. The typeface selection for headers was intentionally chosen to mimic the graffiti/street art features dotted around the venue. A bubbly sans-serif font was used across the main body text for broad appeal, conveying a casual and fun vibe. 

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