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Being the No.1 internet culture brand for young adults and kids in China, BaoZou wanted a revamp of their website, which did not keep up with their cool and edgy personality. With an influential presence in social media, animation, gaming, merchandising and internet personalities, they wanted their website to represent their array of talents and attract the right customers. Their international presence and global significance was missing from their previous website and needed an overall tidying.


Drawing inspiration from a myriad of projects and platforms that are currently displayed as BaoZou’s presence in the online world, the team of web designers at Magnetic London worked on highlighting the brand’s quirky and unique brand personality through colours that represented Gen Z.

Working with an edgy typeface to tie up the whole website was a direction chosen as a relatable font for gaming aficionados. The website layout was created to represent the impressive statistics that BaoZou boasts and showcase their current projects through a fun, immersive user-face experience.


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