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New York, New York…Can you be better portrayed?

New York, the city that never sleeps, was portrayed in a sarcastic and funny, yet realistic way. The illustrator Jean Jullien, whose work can currently be seen on Tfl and Eurostar campaigns in the streets, is showcasing US at Kemistry Gallery, London, from 4th December until January 2015.

US was produced while Jullien was living in London and New York. Citing Design Week, “Jullien says the new works focus on his interest in people, living together and the odd moments we see during our everyday lives. It’s about the small changes we go through together, capturing the funny moments we often miss or take for granted.”. Indeed, we can easily spot ourselves or just identify big cities’ characteristic lifestyles by looking at these illustrations. Don’t we?


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Author: Maria Palma Teixeira


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