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This is not a Tattoo House!...

…This is just an awesome exhibition to celebrate sign painting which will take place in East London, next month.

Business As Usual - directed by Liat Chen and curated by Ged Palmer - is taking place at The Book Club Bar in February and will showcase different hand-painted signs by numerous artists. “It aims to inject humour into design through slogans that use fictional business and product names. Signs are usually functional – they’re not something you put in a gallery. This is a nod to the fact that this is what we do for a living.” says Ged Palmer (here:

The exhibition, which will promote the collaboration of nationwide artists, will showcase Palmer himself, Ash Bishop, Carl Fredrik, Dapper Signs, Dry British, Jack Hollands, Letterknight, Proudfoot, Tristan Kerr, and Von Leadfoot.


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