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Augmented Reality (AR) in Tourism

The tourism industry could benefit from using Augmented Reality in a variety of ways. (If Augmented Reality confuses you, check out this page).

AR is a great opportunity for the travel industry as it allows users to be immersed into a new location. AR allows visions to be turned into reality, which is obviously a great chance for those in the tourist industry to give their customers a complete insight into what to expect before visiting a place.

You can augment printed material to include videos of certain locations so they can experience the sights and sounds prior to actually going.

We can even embed 360-degree panoramas of locations so users can explore a variety of different places. Watch the video below about our ‘Carry Istanbul in Your Pocket’ project to see how we’ve implemented this concept into AR before!

Why not use AR to display map locations so that users can take a tour of the beach, visit a museum or walk around the local town?

This would obviously be a huge advantage for tour operators and hotels as they can display rooms and facilities to help customers get a feel of a place and decide if it’s right for them. Alternatively, it can help customers choose which type of room they would need or plan what activities to do at the resort.

Airlines could also use AR to sell new locations to customers or give them an insight into what to expect from inflight entertainment or on-board the aircraft.

You could use AR to embed phone or email buttons or booking forms, allowing clients to get in touch with just the tap of a button.

The possibilities for AR in Tourism are limitless.

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