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AR in Education

We previously discussed how Augmented Reality could benefit the Real Estate Industry. Today we’re exploring how this exciting new technology provides new opportunities for those in the education sector.

For more information about AR, check out our video.

There are two main benefits of using AR in the Education industry: to market and promote oneself and to improve the student experience.

Firstly, let’s focus on how schools and universities can use AR to help promote their institution. AR technology adds another element to printed material. Therefore, you can add videos, tutorials and slideshows to printed material to give more information about particular aspects.

Why not embed videos, tutorials or slideshows onto prospectuses to give more information about particular aspects of educational life. Universities can embed virtual campus tours so potential students can explore buildings, accommodation and other facilities. Or schools can show the inside of classrooms, sports halls and canteens.

We even have the technology to allow you to embed 360-degree panoramas of locations, so your visitors can take a step inside an area to look around and explore. Take a look at our blog post here to see how this works!

AR can also be used to improve the student experience. Schools and universities can add content to educational material, such as pop quizzes at the end of chapters to provide additional support to students. AR allows you to extend the life of printed material by linking to additional online content. Both of these ideas aid communicating with students and encourage them to get involved with their learning.

You can augment homework pages, so that when the student scans it they can watch a video of the teacher explaining the work with links to more information on how to complete the task. Or you can add video profiles and links to yearbook photos, or video footage from an entertaining sports match or concert.

The possibilities for AR in education are limitless so if you think AR could benefit your business, get in touch today!


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