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The Events Industry and the Need for 360 Panoramas

This week, let’s explore how the events industry can benefit from 360 panoramas. (For an introduction to 360 panoramas, check out our first blog post)

Events can use 360 panoramas to show the inside of venues, allowing users to see the different services on offer. They can take a tour of the various locations and their amenities to help decide if the location is appropriate for their desired need.

If somebody is planning a special occasion, it’s important they choose the right venue. 360 panoramas give the opportunity to take a tour of a location without actually having to travel great distances to visit it. People are able to experience exactly what it would be like to be at the venue.

As you can probably tell from the diverse list of opportunities we have described, the potential for 360 really is vast! We can’t wait to think of more exciting prospects for this technology, and hope you can’t wait to implement them into your business!


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