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Augmented Reality in Fashion & Retail.

Augmented Reality technology gives the potential to bring your print to life, which is a great opportunity for those in the Fashion and Retail industries.

One really exciting concept is the opportunity to embed AR into your print material to grab your audience’s attention. You can augment your catalogues with behind the scenes footage or a slideshow of photos from backstage.

Or how about engaging your shoppers in store by using AR to link to videos of catwalks?

You could even make your images of clothes come alive by allowing users to see them moving around on the page to get a feel for the weight and texture of the products.

Alternatively, you could use AR to create direct links to your online store, allowing users to scan adverts to buy products with just the tap of a finger.

Or how about using AR to help organise a truly innovative fashion event? You could make your printed invites totally interactive, showing users location information or allowing them to RSVP. You could also augment the invites to include a live stream of the event, so if they can’t make it they can still feel involved!

Lastly, you could even use AR to turn window-shopping into a real-life experience. Simply augment your window displays to allow shoppers to see the clothes and accessories come alive.

As you can probably tell, this list could go on forever! So if you think your business could benefit from any one of the above, or you’ve got another exciting idea of how to implement AR, get in touch with us today!


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