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Custom Web Design vs. Pre-Made Templates: Which One is Right for You?

Going where your customers are -- is necessary to be successful in today’s digital age; this means being searchable and accessible anytime and anywhere.

Building an effective online presence by curating social media posts, engaging in paid advertising tactics, and other lead generation strategies are necessary to boost your business. But before anything else you should invest in building your home, your foundation -- your website.

There are a number of factors to consider when building a website. One of them is choosing between hiring an expert for custom-built web design or just buying a ready-made template.

Would you rather spend your time figuring out how to make your website behave in a certain way, or have professionals take care of your business’ digital footprint while you focus your attention on running your business?

We have listed the benefits and disadvantages to keep in mind when choosing between custom web design and pre-made templates.

Purchasing a Web Design Template

  • This option is perfect for you if your budget is tight

  • If you need shorter development time, this option may be for you

  • Bear in mind that other businesses could be using the same template, preventing your website from standing out as much

  • Customisation is also limited with templated websites

  • You realise how important mobile marketing is but unfortunately, your website may not work on all devices

  • Remember that some templates are not built to be search-engine-friendly

  • It will not be possible to install any custom or additional functionality as templates run on a structured system

Choosing Custom Web Design

  • This option is perfect for you if you want a completely unique design that will incorporate your company’s branding

  • Keep in mind that the process of creating a custom website takes longer than a pre-made template

  • Custom websites demand additional resources and manpower, and are definitely more expensive

  • Your visitors will receive an exceptional user experience because every feature and detail will be geared to their needs, just like your business

  • Mobile and tablet versions will be provided to make sure your website works across all devices

  • The agency who built your website will back you up with support whenever you need it

  • Custom sites are more scalable and flexible; a custom-developed website can always be expanded upon as your business grows

Would you go for custom web design or a pre-made template? It depends on the needs of your business. If you only need a website that shares basic information about your business and doesn’t need much functionality, then a pre-made template may suffice. It can save you money and time!

But if your brand requires highly-customised functionality, go with custom web design. It is far more dependable, scalable, and credible -- plus the creative power is all yours.

Still unsure? We’re here to help you decide by assessing your needs.


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