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5 important things to know before rebranding

The way you conduct your business and the way clients see you is through your brand. Yes, it’s important and if your current brand is not serving you then maybe it’s time to move on. But is it really that easy? Breaking up with your branding is never simple. After all, it served you for however long, but growth means moving on from what doesn’t serve you. So, if your current branding is holding you back from putting yourself out there because you don’t feel like it represents you anymore, then it’s time for a change. Professional and aligned branding will ease the stress of fumbling for the right font and colour codes and what to say to your audience, and if you feel like your branding is holding you back from creating content, then it’s also time for a change. Outdated or unaligned branding can be detrimental to your business success in the long run. As defined by Shopify, " Branding is all of the ways you establish an image of your company in your customers’ eyes." Now, if you’re ready for a rebrand, here are 5 important things to know before rebranding. Now that you’re ready to grow and stand out with your brand, it is important to remember that hiring a brand specialist is a long- term investment that provides huge ROI in the long run because it will help everything fall into place and in turn help you make more sales.

Know your ideal client and create a real, talking, moving client avatar

Of course, the clearer you are with your ideal client or customer the easier it will be for your designated designer to understand your vision and bring it to life. Create a detailed profile for your ideal client. Once you do so identify their pain points. What feeling are they trying to chase? What is the need they have that your product or service can fulfil? If you need guidance or would like to delve deeper into your client avatar, we offer Brand Persona Workshops with rebranding projects. We would conduct a 2-3 hour workshop where we analyse all the aspects of your ideal client. Has your target demographic changed since you created your brand?

As trends are ever changing, there could be a whole new demographic which may be interested in your brand that you may not be currently addressing. It’s worth considering if a rebrand can help you reconnect with your current target audience or help you reach a new demographic. Does your brand convey a particular message? Speak to a particular person? Convey a particular feeling? Rethink all those questions and be clear with your answers and intentions. Understand the personality of your brand.

Get acquainted with your brand. Make a vision board with key words and the kind of direction you’d like to go in. This always helps you to get to know your brand more and carve out it’s values, mission and vision. Trust the process and remember you’ll never be 100% ready There’s always going to be a reason to put it off or a project that keeps you busy or a doubt that keeps circling in your mind. Trust that a full-service agency and designated designer has years of experience in doing the exact thing that will produce the best results for your brand.

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