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6 apps you need to take your IG to the next level

Instagram is a great platform for businesses small and large alike and here at Magnetic we love working with certain apps that elevate our Instagram game for us and our clients. Instagram can be a place to connect with ideal clients and show them the essence of your brand. There are 6 apps that we swear by to bring back the fun into using Instagram as a marketing tool and removing all the insta-dread you may be feeling about keeping up with all the vanity metrics.

App #1


When it comes to this App there’s no going wrong. It’s our favourite editing app to use to tweak photos and create our own presets (Hello cohesive Instagram aesthetic!). It’s easy to navigate and has a brilliant, responsive user face. This is the perfect app to have for all your editing needs no matter how small or complex they may be.

App #2


You know all those aesthetically pleasing Instagram stories you see? Well, they’re probably using an app like Unfold. Unfold has free templates and sets of templates for a one-time low-price fee. We have already talked about how Instagram stories can be the best method for engaging with clients and building trust with potential ones, and that’s why it’s important to have branded templates that distinguish your stories from other peoples. You want your audience to recognise your style before reading your Instagram name. There’s no going wrong with Unfold. It’s got clean, adjustable design templates that you can go to town with personalising. Within seconds you can have Instagram story templates that stand out!

App #3


Do you ever get headaches trying to figure out how all your content fits into your overall Instagram look? How it’s going to look professionally? Waste time trying to visualise how to plan your content? Well, not anymore. With UNUM you can plan your feed aesthetic, add captions and hashtags and even edit all on one app! It’s a great way to plan your feed and connect it to your Instagram account so it all syncs. You can also post directly onto Instagram. Win-Win!

App #4


Any influencer out there can tell you that they use the Tezza app for their feed editing. The ready-made presets not only for your photos but also for your videos are fresh and trendy! Especially so for videos, this app is a must with its stylish subtitles and effects. Perfect for modern looking business aesthetic.

App #5


You heard it here first! The Mojo app is the funky you need in your business’ life! It’s a brilliant app with a range of engaging templates created for Instagram stories. Moving templates? Mojo. iPhone video mockup? Mojo. It creates stunning video stories that are presentable and professional for your clients to engage with your content.

App #6


We love this app for turning your link in bio into a presentable, easy and visually appealing free Instagram website. Not only can you edit it to be on-brand with colours and images but you can add a links page, about page, discovery page and so much more. We can’t recommend it enough as a website link page that will take your IG to the next level.

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