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Why a DIY Website Is Not Doing You Any Favours

So, you jumped on the DIY website band wagon and now you’re not really feeling your website after all your hard work and hours invested into it. We totally get that it’s tempting to try your hand at creating your own website. After all, that’s what website builders are there for, right?

Yes, but also no.

Running a business is a full-time, intense job, why add more stress onto that? Here at Magnetic, we are strong advocates for ‘staying in your zone of genius’. We believe everyone has different strengths to play to and it would be counter-productive to invest time and effort into something that you may end up redoing many times.

Here is why your DIY website might not be doing you any favours as a small business that would like to scale, be visible to your ideal customer and compete in your industry:

  • DIY websites are not strategic. They have been created for the masses. Having a small business that you have created with care and attention would not be seen with a website that doesn’t have a strategy.

  • DIY websites do not stand out. When using templates, there’s only so much you can change and do. Some platforms offer more flexibility than others but ultimately, you’re putting yourself in a corner having a website that looks like everyone else’s. 

  • It does not align with a brand's values and guidelines. So, creating a website to ultimately increase footfall on your online platform that will convert to sales, right? You want to create a small business that has a community of loyal customers, but having a generic website that doesn’t incorporate brand values and guidelines can mean that your website may be at risk of coming off indifferent. 

  • Even though some DIY web tools look simple at the beginning, what you get out of those simple tools is a simple looking website. You might need to use the advanced tools on those platforms to make your site stand out. Also having the tools sometimes is not enough, you'll need the eye for the design, and the experience of having done many websites in the past.

This is where we can be of help!

We truly believe having a strong website presence with a strategy in place can do wonders for your business and help you stand out in your industry. If you’d like to book a discovery call with us to explore our website packages, email us here and let’s start talking about creating a unique website to make your business stand out.



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