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Why Your Current Branding Could Be Making You Lose Money

Poorly executed branding can negatively impact your business' personality. Branding for your business values, mission, integrity, and personality are crucial for a profitable business; if poorly done, it would lead to bad business in terms of trust, perception, and public value. A confusing and inconsistent branding can damage your business' reputation, which usually takes years of hard work to build.

  1. If your business’ logo is poorly designed: If your business' logo is too complicated, not quickly recognisable, and confusing, it may affect your branding strategy. Your target audience won't comprehend the information your logo is trying to pass onto them instantly. Therefore, a misaligned logo could be one of the reasons your business is losing money.

  2. If your business brand is not attracting the target audience: There is a high tendency that your business is not getting the right customers because your branding is not targeting the right audience. Therefore, your business brand and marketing materials, website, and advertising strategies should be aligned on getting your target audience's interest.

  3. If your business branding is poorly designed, your target audience may see it as carelessness: If your branding does not align with your marketing strategies, your target audience will conclude that your company and product is not up to standard, which could mean a lack of loyal customers who would keep coming back for your products or services.

  4. Failure in meeting up with the promises communicated through your brand: Not meeting the promises made in your business' brand or campaign can create a wrong impression, which could be perceived as negative for business.

  5. If your business brand doesn't have customers that are loyal to the brand: Businesses need customers' trust to grow because the more your customers trust your brand, the more your market share is likely to increase. For your business to be credible, appealing, and trustworthy, your business must be professionally branded. Don’t forget that your brand is supposed to entice your target audience and create loyalty for your business. Therefore, your brand should centre around customer service.

As much as a good brand could mean profitable business, bad branding could also mean bad business. If you over-expand your business brand into various markets and categories, you stand a chance of dimming the critical point and meaning of your business brand.

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