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Bir Dünya Çocuk

Ghiras, which means ‘sprout’ in Arabic, moved its HQ to Turkey following the outburst of the Syrian refugee crisis. That move ultimately precipitated the need for a complete rebrand.

A Syrian based NGO, Ghiras is an organisation working to promote child welfare causes and awareness to the serious issues facing children in the war-torn region.


What we did


Logo Design & Branding

A total overhaul of the brand was called for. That meant starting with a new name, one that would represent the brands focus mission & global reach. Magnetic initiated a creative name-finding exercise to generate a new name for the organisation. By the end of the process, a new brand was born: Children of One World, in English, and Bir Dunya Cocuk Dernegi in Turkish.

Pitch Decks Icons 1-13.png

Creative Consultancy

Magnetic provided a complete and broad range of design & communication consultancy services to prepare and support the organisation in its efforts to provide relief to children caught up in disastrous circumstances.

All of Children of One World’s (formerly Ghiras) corporate presentations, annual report & mailing templates were reproduced to conform with the new brand style.


Magnetic produced a complete turnkey solution to the re-brand project.

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