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Magnetic was at GREAT Festival of Creativity in Istanbul.

Magnetic attended to the GREAT Festival of Creativity (part of the GREAT Britain campaign), and had a great time by the Bosphorus in beautiful Istanbul for 3 days. Full of inspiration, encouragement, fresh ideas, and loads of networking... We've seen loads, but to mention a couple, we saw how the movie Gravity got filmed, and directed in computer environment, and we got impressed by the story behind the design of London 2012 Olympic Torch by BarberOsgerby.

The GREAT Festivals are a dynamic celebration of creativity in business, and the start of a new dialogue between global enterprises. Today, creativity is at the heart of the very best brands and businesses, whether in design, fashion, engineering, art or commerce and it’s is the lifeblood of economic growth.

In the world’s great cities, the Festivals will showcase the products, processes and people that are driving the new global economy. The Festivals are more than just a melting pot of ideas and inspirations. They are an acknowledgment that few of today’s great creative innovations would be possible without collaboration. GREAT Festivals are a chance to get involved, and go deeper.

The Festivals are designed to be collaborative. They offer the attendees the chance to strengthen existing links, cement fresh connections and forge lasting partnerships on which to build pioneering businesses.

Istanbul 20-22 May 2014

Hong Kong 18-20 November 2014

Shanghai 3-5 March 2015

For more information:

cover image: screenshot of the festival website

author: Kaan Aydogmus - @kaanaydogmus


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