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Brazil’s Game Changers

Brazil’s formidable relationship with the World Cup exposes two sides of the same coin – one of glory and glorification. Own goals and unfinished stadiums have claimed international attention; only to be outdone by headlines riddled with political unrest, corrupt cronies and violent outbursts.

While the spotlight shines intensely on the beautiful game and on the not so beautiful cracks in the nation’s political stability, Magnetic will be showcasing all the creative talent Brazil has to offer – from revealing photography, awe inspiring art, innovative architecture and the freshest design emerging from the sidelines. We kick off our World Cup series with photojournalist Mario Tama’s eye opening Instagram and Getty visuals that depict a no holds barred approach to capturing everyday Brazilian life.

Follow Mario Tama: @mario_tama

cover photo by Mario Tama.

author: Charlotte Harding instagram: /charlotteeharding, twitter: @hydeaway_


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