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Offside Brazil

As England’s momentum met a premature end at the hands of Uruguay this week, at Magnetic we have been drowning our sorrows in the creative innovation of Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen, whose series ‘Offside Brazil’ captures in motion the essence of Brazil through the use of slow motion GIF technology.

Click here to see his photos.

Bendiksen gets up close and personal with his subjects on and off the streets – creating enchanting decelerated close ups of Brazilian football fanatics which allow a frame by frame insight into each individuals emotional anxiety and elation of the beautiful game, showcasing the relationships formed through the highs and lows and unexpected twists and turns the World Cup 2014 brings.

Bendiksen’s work is part of a wider group of photographers from photographic co-operative Magnum Photos chronicling a play by play of World Cup events.

Follow Jonas Bendiksen: @Jonasbendiksen

cover photo from

author: Charlotte Harding instagram: /charlotteeharding, twitter: @hydeaway_


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