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Do you know how happy you are? Do not worry, Guardian’s new app tells you.

Stop everything you are doing – unless you are on your smartphone. The Guardian has found the formula for happiness and is just a click away from you. The best part? It is for free. We can all be happy now. Oh wait, not totally “for free”…in return you will just have to give some data, anonymous and confidential, sure.

“Discover an easy way to be happier every day with the free Happy for Life app (…). Take your pick of daily, simple activities that will boost your mood, and keep track of which make you happiest.”, says the Guardian (here). The Happy for Life app was launched this month and aims to boost your happiness through some simple daily actions, such as “telling someone you love them”, “cancelling an appointment” (make sure it is not an important one, though), “having a good cry” or “planting a tree”. Oh, Guardian, that one we already knew! Add to it writing a book and having a child and you will have accomplished the three must-do’s in life.

The app is available for iOS and Android. Have you tried it?


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Author: Maria Palma Teixeira

Source and image: The Guardian


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