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How 360 Can Be Used In The Education Sector

The education industry could gain a competitive advantage over competition by using 360 panoramas to win over prospective students. (For an introduction into 360 panoramas, see our initial post here)

Universities and schools can use 360 panoramas to provide an insight into various aspects of educational life. Campus tours can show potential students what to expect of university life, by giving a virtual tour inside lecture theatres, accommodation and other facilities. Similarly, schools can show inside classrooms, sports halls and canteens.

People can fully immerse themselves into educational life by experiencing exactly what it would be like to study at a particular place. They can get a feel for what the various buildings and facilities are like, and a proper sense of the atmosphere at each location.

360 panoramas can make choosing a place of study easier for students as they can get a complete feel for what their future may look like.

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