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AR in Events

Augmented Reality can offer huge benefits to those in the Events Industry.

AR allows you to add a whole new dimension to your print material. (Check out our introductory video on AR here).

A great advantage of AR is that it allows you the opportunity to provide loads more detail about a particular aspect. For example, you can embed AR into your venue catalogues so that when people scan it they are able to see a variety of additional information.

You can embed 360 panoramas to allow people to take a look around a venue. So when couples are choosing their wedding venue for example, they don’t need to travel to lots of remote places. With just the tap of a button, they can feel as though they’ve visited each place! (Check out our 360-degree blog post here for more about this!)

360-degree panoramas are also a great tool for showing event organisers the various services and amenities available at particular locations.

You could also embed AR into your print material to show users a slideshow of images of the different dishes available on the menu, or perhaps a video of the chefs preparing them! Similarly you could add images or videos from previous events to showcase what you have achieved in the past.

Alternatively, you can use AR to embed contact information or booking forms on to printed material so that clients can get in touch with just the tap of a button.

You can even use AR to convert printed invitations into truly interactive tools. By augmenting invites, users can get more information on the venue or the schedule for the event and even RSVP directly from the invite.


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