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Creating a memorable brand experience

A brand experience is how an individual perceives a brand, as a result of various interactions.

Creating a memorable brand experience is key to gaining a competitive advantage and increasing your brand’s value.

The rise of online media has made continuous engagement vital, whilst increasing opportunities to provide a ‘full brand experience.’

A positive brand experience can capture a customer’s imagination, engage emotions and meet expectations. But ultimately, it promotes brand loyalty.

So how exactly do you create a positive and memorable brand experience?

Although this seems like a complicated concept, it’s actually very simple. You just need to engage and interact with your audiences to form authentic relationships. Creating positive experiences can be done in a variety of ways. Here are three vital steps to consider:

  1. Orchestrate the message - What is the brand message you want to get across? Once you’ve decided, communicate it consistently and frequently across all channels. Your audience should be able to immediately recognise it as being associated to your brand.

  2. Choose the most appropriate touch points A touch point is anywhere your audience interacts with your brand. Select the most effective approach to deliver your message to your target audience.

  3. Create a meaningful, relevant and distinctive touch point execution. This is the most important step! You need to ensure you choose strategies that give your customers a unique experience. Whether you use your product’s concept, appearance or user-interaction, you need to try and grab your audience’s attention.

If you’re stuck for ideas for step 3, here are a few things to consider:

  • Surprise – creating a surprising experience is a great way to get people talking about your brand. Why not consider making consumers feel like part of something special by having a memorable one-off campaign?

  • Be there during a time of need – everybody loves a freebie! You could try doing a giveaway of useful products to increase awareness and engagement.

  • Happy memories – focus on the long term. Remember, you want your audience to not just experience something special, but to recall it.

Finally, make sure you remember consistency is essential. So whatever tactics you decide to undertake, make sure your brand experience is consistent across all touch points!


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