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The Launch of Visionteractive UK

We’ve got some really exciting news here at Magnetic!

We are officially the first UK provider of Visionteractive products!

Yes that’s right – we are the only company in the whole of the UK that is able to offer you these unique and innovative services.

For any of you who might not be aware of the super cool products Visionteractive offer, let us fill you in…

Visionteractive use the latest technology to provide four products that bridge the gap between social media and the actual world.

  • Presstagrama photo booth that is powered by a specific hashtag. Get a free photographic printout when you upload an image to Instagram using a particular hashtag

  • Socialmat a vending machine powered by a Twitter hashtag. Tweet about an event using a predetermined hashtag to receive an item from the vending machine. The vending machine can be filled with whatever you decide; chocolate, USBs, stationery…

  • Socialbreakpost a tweet with a specific hashtag to claim a free hot drink from the Socialbreak drinks dispenser

  • Chargee tweet a particular hashtag to unlock a charging unit so you can charge your phone or tablet device for free

Our partnership with Visionteractive will see the formation of Visionteractive UK, meaning these innovative ideas will now be available to UK customers!

This is just another example of the many ways Magnetic remain leaders in offering cutting-edge digital products.

We will always be at the forefront of new trends to ensure you don’t miss out on technology’s potential to advance your business!

To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can show you the ways Vistionteractive can improve your business.


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