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How Mixed Reality Will Change The Way We Interact

Mixed reality refers to the merging of augmented reality and virtual reality. It has recently gained significant coverage after Microsoft declared mixed reality will be the next big thing. According to Terry Myerson, executive vice president for Windows and Devices Group, “mixed reality devices will provide users with the ability to ‘break down the barriers between virtual and physical reality.’”

By combining the best features of augmented and virtual reality, mixed reality hopes to present a flexible and user-friendly platform. It lets users see the real world (like AR) at the same time as seeing virtual objects (like VR). Microsoft’s example of this was to be looking at a table whilst seeing an interactive virtual overlay on top of it, such as a video game.

Unfortunately, the future of mixed reality is currently very guarded. The world’s most secretive start-up, MagicLeap, is at the forefront of mixed reality technology. With investors such as Google pouring a huge $1.4 billion into the company to date, MagicLeap is destined to exceed technological expectations. (Discover more about MagicLeap here)

Mixed reality promises to take advantage of the Internet’s incredible potential, transforming the way we communicate and experience. At Magnetic, we are so excited to discover more about the future of technology. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for augmented reality. Our constant pursuit of innovation and new trends will allow us to continue offering pioneering services whilst remaining at the forefront of new technology.


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