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Why Augmented Reality is a better investment than Virtual Reality

Unless you’ve been living in a hole the past year, I’m sure you’ve heard about the biggest tech trend of 2016, Virtual Reality.

However, all too often people are ignoring Virtual Reality’s cousin, Augmented Reality. The recent obsession with Pokemon Go proves that Augmented Reality is definitely worth the investment. It has the potential to turn brands into viral phenomenons and make you just as much, if not more money than VR.

But Augmented Reality is so much more than just a platform to catch electronic rodents. It allows you to develop immersive, emotional and memorable experiences in a way that can’t be written down.

So why is it better than VR?

Well firstly, it’s cheaper. The biggest challenge of VR is getting the mass market to pay for a really expensive product to use it. On the other hand, to access AR all you need is a smartphone (which most people already have!)

Secondly, thanks to the huge popularity of Pokemon Go, the public now not only know what AR is, but they want more of it. There is a want and need for similar products that bridge the gap between the real and digital world.

Thirdly, it’s transactional. Rather than just offering users a memorable experience, AR presents the opportunity to do something that actually has a direct impact on your business. You can send people to your website, let them purchase directly from your shop, or generate leads by getting their contact details.

The familiarity of AR is definitely what makes it a more attractive investment at this moment in time. It’s more accessible and it has a huge potential market.

Magnetic work with some of the leading providers of AR technology, to help you develop campaigns that make you stand out from competitors.

If you want to find out more about how an investment in AR can benefit your brand, follow this link:

On that page you can also see some examples of our previous AR projects!


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