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Our Top Tips For Great Website Design

When it comes to web design, us guys at Magnetic know a thing or two about achieving success. So we thought we’d let you in on a few little secrets that will allow you to benefit from killer website designs that meet your users’ needs.

Websites don’t have to be complicated. In fact, we think the simpler the better. But in order for your website to be perfect, you need to ensure you consider these five crucial elements.

Web Design Tips from Website Design Agency Magnetic London

Functionality Your website should be easy to navigate and every link should work. Confusing navigation will cause people to just leave your page and look elsewhere. Remember the ‘three click rule’ - your users should be able to find the information they’re looking for within just three clicks.

Appeal to your audience Your site must appeal to your target audience in all aspects. This includes language, tone, message and design. By designing your website with your target audience in mind you will achieve more engagement and a better conversion rate.

Mobile Friendly Recent data shows that the majority of users (51%) access the Internet using their phone*. This means if you want to make sure you’re not missing out on potential customers, your website has to be available on mobile devices. What’s more, having a mobile-friendly version of your site helps to increase your search rankings!

Load Time In order to have a good user experience, your website should load as fast as possible. There are a few ways you can speed this up, including optimising image sizes, combining code and minifying HTML, CSS and JavaScript (compressing them to speed up their load time).

Keep it simple From a design perspective, you should try and keep your website as sleek as possible. Avoid clutter and try to adopt a colour palette with as few colours as possible. Also, try to keep your typography consistent. A font size of 16px works well, with a maximum of 3 typefaces in no more than 3 different point sizes!

To discover more about our web design service and see some examples of projects we’ve done in the past, check out our web design page

Or if you need any help implementing these tips into your website, feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our team today!



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