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Amazing Tools You Can Include on Your Website

Have you ever visited a website and just wondered how easy it was to navigate and engage with it? The calendar, the weather display, or even the online form and chat? You might imagine that it must have cost so much for the web developer to install them. On the contrary, it is simpler than most think, and you can take advantage of it.

These tools help engage your site visitors and give them the best user experience. You can include numerous tools on your website, but in this article, we'll look at some of the best you can start with.

Online Chat

The primary purpose of adding an online chat to your website is to easily connect with your customers and prospects. An online chat widget helps you greet your customers, giving them a welcoming feeling while browsing your website using 'auto greeting.' This is an easy addition and you’ll be able to answer their queries on the go via a phone app (like Facebook Messenger). This can go a long way in making customers feel heard and attended to.

It also helps your customers send you their needs anonymously. This is particularly good for sales.

Search Bar

If you own a website with several pages and content to browse through, you are very likely to have searchers bounce off your website as soon as they find it difficult to navigate your pages. People want to get what they need as fast and easy as possible, and you just have to provide that for them to keep them on your pages.

A search bar helps your site visitors browse your pages comfortably, which is a good reason for them to come back. Nobody wants to go through tons of content to get what they want.

Calendars and Booking Widgets

Calendars might seem unnecessary, however, if you own a business that requires bookings, it is essential to have a booking widget backed with a calendar to help people make bookings without having to leave your site to check their calendar.

For instance, if you own a hotel, you can add an online reservation tool for customers to make their reservations/bookings easily.

Online Forms

This tool can be remarkably resourceful for hiring new staff, among other things. With an online form, you can avoid the task of sorting enormous amounts of emails from applicants and you can easily get the details of customers, employees, and applicants.

An online form is also helpful when you're conducting a market survey. You can kindly ask your customers and website visitors to fill out your survey form anonymously – which is more effective than asking people to submit reports using their emails.

Social Media

Including social media links are among the most effective ways to promote your content and your business site. You can use social media icons to encourage your customers and passersby to share your content on their social media pages. In addition to adding the links, we can also embed the company’s social media feeds so your website content updates automatically with the content you share on social media, creating a holistic alignment.

You can also include your business social media pages on your site for customers to connect and engage with them easily.

Your website may be able to offer visitors what they are searching for, but for them to leave with an impression, you can use widgets to make their experience remarkable. Your site might be seen as highly helpful that users become inclined to bookmark it as a go-to resource.

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