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Christmas Gift Ideas for Creative People

Buying gifts for creative people can be difficult. We should know, because every year we have to endure the ‘oh thanks I love it’ lie. Every Christmas. Every birthday. EVERY Year.

Okay, before sounding too ungrateful, we just thought that by putting a post together with some gift ideas, maybe we could try and stop this happening. If we can save just one person from another pair of socks, we’ll be satisfied.

So here goes our list, complete with links to the best places to purchase them.

Art Snacks Subscription

What creative person wouldn’t want a box of unique, high-quality art supplies delivered to their door every month?

A Waterproof Notepad

Creative ideas can occur at any time. Now if they happen in the shower, you don’t need to forget them!

Paint Water Mug Set

Never confuse your tasty brew with gunky paint water again.

3D Doodler pen

Lift your imagination off the page with a 3D pen.

The Pitch Board Game

Magnetic London

This board game allows everyone to engage in the creative process.

A Calligraphy Starter Kit

Everything you could possibly need to begin learning the art of calligraphy.

A Subscription to Bomb Magazine

A magazine dedicated to delivering the voice of artists and creatives through interviews.

Steal Like An Artist

10 things nobody told you about being creative - this book is a manifesto for creativity in the digital age.

A Retro Polaroid Camera

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a photo develop in front of your eyes. Let your creative friends take step back in time with a vintage camera.

A Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Every creative needs a caffeine boost. This is the easiest way to enjoy fresh, delicious coffee, delivered to your door.

A Pegboard

Pegboards are the easiest way to organise the workspace, whilst adding a twist of creativity.

Smartphone Camera Lens

Stop letting smartphone camera quality get in the way of taking amazing photos with this simple clip on.

Walls Notebook

These textured urban walls provide an interesting backdrop for notes and doodles.

Happy shopping!

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