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What makes a great logo design?

Designing a logo is simple right? Wrong.

Great logo design is a really complicated process because it requires such a range of skills. From design skills and creative theory, to skillful application, each logo has to be bespoke and original, which takes time.

Logos are an essential part of a strong corporate brand, and as such they are highly important elements. A logo is often a company’s first impression and so it can have a direct impact on brand perception, conversion rates and general attitude.

Tuta Kids Fashion brand logo and website design in london

It’s so important to get your logo right, that’s why we’ve come up with some key logo design tips to help you improve your company’s visual identity.

  • Be unique – Your logo should distinguish your brand from competitors. Think outside the box and make it stand out from existing designs.

  • Understand the brand – Logos should appeal to a specific audience and indicate a solution to their needs. As an introduction to a brand, it should show your individual personality and ideals.

  • Colour is important – Every colour represents a different tone, for example bright colours may grab someone’s attention whereas muted tones may seem more sophisticated.

  • Be flexible – In today’s digital age logos will appear on multiple devices and channels. Make sure your logo looks great on different backgrounds and in varying sizes.

  • Keep it simple – It’s a lot easier to focus when there’s not much going on. Avoid distraction by adopting a sharp, clean and simple design.

  • Think timeless – design for longevity by avoiding any current or timely trends.

  • Consider cultural differences – Shapes and colours can mean different things in different cultures. Make sure what you adopt is appropriate.

Still deciding whether it’s worth investing your money in a new logo design? Well research from the Design Council revealed that a £1 investment in design could provide businesses with over £20 in increased revenues. Whilst a strong logo design won’t guarantee business success, it will definitely provide a fantastic starting point. Logos provide the outside world with an instant visual impression of your brand, make sure yours is perfect by working alongside our talented team of graphic designers today.


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