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Why Businesses With DIY Logos Have Less of a Chance of Surviving

A logo should be more than just an image and words put together. Its purpose is more than just to fill space on your business cards, website or letterhead. Essentially speaking, a logo should have character and evoke feelings that should match the brand's messages. Though a lot of businesses opt for a DIY logo at the beginning of their journey, we would highly not recommend it.

DIY logos miss the point by creating a design that doesn’t communicate a brand’s message. Designing your own business logo might feel like you’re saving a few quid here and there but in the long run it doesn’t serve any positive purpose for your business, in fact, it could hurt your sales, growth and business branding.

Right, so what should a company logo do? Before delving into the dangers of a DIY logo let’s talk about the purpose of a logo; it’s just a name and an image after all, right? Well, no. Not at all. A logo is the face of the company and visually communicates aspects of a company to the target audience. Research shows that people remember brands through their logo due to the visual memory aspect, therefore, having a logo that is well strategised and created solely for your business will boost the chances of your business standing out in the market. In addition, the risk of a DIY logo also includes automated online logo maker tools, which has a tremendously high risk of resembling another business’ logo. Logos also serve as the core from which branding materials >are created and developed to give the company consistency and credibility.

So, having a logo that doesn’t represent the company in the best of ways is a risk in appearing unprofessional. Without the marketing, communication, and design knowledge, it’s easy to miss the mark when it comes to communicating a brands message through its logo and branding – even if that person owns the business and knows the company like the back of their hand. What a DIYer associates a business with may not necessarily match the general public’s idea of the industry. Knowing how to brand and market a company’s message into a compelling logo is part of a professional designer’s job.

A logo should be more than ‘that’ll do for now’. It should be holistic in its marketing approach and identity. Intrigued to find out how we approach our client logo designs? Here are the steps we follow:

  1. We research target audience and understand the brand goals

  2. We test shapes, colours and fonts.

  3. We design logos in various formats, deciding on short and long forms (how it would look on a catalogue, on a pen, or as an icon on social media etc).

  4. We also create and provide brand guidelines for the client to maintain brand consistency with all print and digital assets.

Need help creating a logo that will communicate a clear and concise message to your target audience? Book your free discovery call with us and let’s discuss how to make your business goals attainable.



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