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How We Have Worked With Marketing Managers and Built Long Term Relationships

Building trust with our clients is one of our main objectives and one that we take a lot of pride in. It can initially be harder than it sounds but throughout the years we have created a successful strategy that has built many long-term relationships with marketing managers.

Here’s how we have worked with marketing managers over the years and built long-term, sustainable relationships.

1) Stay Focused on the Client and Their Needs

Designing our approach so that it is always focused on the client, what their business needs are and how our expertise can help.

2) Show Them We’re on Their Team and Share Their Goals

When we are looking to build trust with a new client it is very important to make sure that we explain to them that we know what their goals are. That means that we share our goals with them and let them know that we are aligned with their needs and goals in a very real way.

3) Offer Complete Transparency

Report back on our work. It’s one thing to present a killer strategy at the beginning of the project, but it’s another thing entirely to demonstrate client’s return on investment at the end of the project. We understand that and always follow through.

4) Keep It Real

First, we provide proof of performance in the form of client reviews, real-world case studies, testimonials, etc. to show what we’re capable of. Second, we strive to be 100% transparent.

5) Deliver Results

We invest time and effort into all the required elements of a trustful relationship—understanding the client’s business, listening, strong counsel, transparency, the right account talent and staffing, well-defined strategy.

Here’s a list some of the fundamentals that underpin the great relationships we have built with marketing managers over the years that ultimately enables great work and has been our companion throughout the years:

  1. A strategy for growth: Above all, there needs to be a clear marketing strategy. Without a strategy, objectives cannot be set.

  2. People: A strong relationship between both teams is imperative and holding key talent to the client’s business is essential.

  3. Objectives: A clear set of goals and deliverables is critical to drive the relationship and build alignment.

  4. Culture & team: We focus on the role of relationships and invest in building a strong team and culture. We run workshops, strategy sessions, build understanding and alignment, and make time for professional relationship building.

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