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How We Can Use Campaign Design With Offline and Digital Assets

Did you know 53% of ad impressions are never seen by consumers?

You’ve invested time, money, and many restless nights into creating a campaign message that captures the essence of your brand and resonates with consumers. But, in order to change the way consumers think about your brand, first you have to get that message in front of them. When implemented together, offline and online marketing techniques can support and amplify one another, creating a unified strategy.

We can support you with design campaigns whether they be online or offline. It is also important to find trends that support your online brand.

Here are 3 offline ways we can grow your brand:

Face to Face Connections, Even Virtual

These continue to play a crucial role in networking. What’s more, they can drive traffic to your social pages, where the contacts can learn more about your branding. By speaking directly to your audience, they will be readier to hear what you have to say.

Media Giveaways

Media stations are always looking for free products they can give away to their listeners and viewers. As a brand you could offer to donate free products in exchange for advertisements and publicity about your company. If you have an agency on board they will automatically have more connections and know people further up making this process easier.

Cross Promotions

Through joint advertising you can promote a business in a familiar field in return for a promotion of your own on their part. A marketing agency will generate this campaign and design it with companies with a related service.

Here are 3 online ways we can grow your brand:

Pushing Your Handles

Social media growth is crucial for branding in this day and age. Speaking at a conference? Plug your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles so that clients can immediately access them. Online and offline campaign can be coherent by also including social links on printable business cards.


A competition is always an interesting basis for a campaign. It draws in engagement into branding and captivates an audience.

The Viral Loop

Businesses start out by offering members of the service guarantees for recommending other clients. This works in promoting the brand and also guaranteeing interaction with your business. A marketing agency will understand these loopholes, have implemented them before and will be able to do so for your brand.

Ready to learn more about how working with us can truly put you ahead of the curve and grow your brand? Get started. Or, If you have a project in mind, set up a meeting with a member of our team.

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