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How Your Website Design Can Dictate Your Sales

In this day and age, your business sales and revenue can largely depend on what's going on online – primarily on your website. Therefore, if your website is poorly designed or executed, you're potentially losing out greatly on potential online sales.

How Your Website Design Can Dictate Your Sales

Web design comprises several components that make a website visitor's experience. Each aspect of web design is crucial to enhancing user experience. So, we'll look at individual web design components that subsequently influence your conversion rate and sales. Your web design components include colours, layout, fonts & typography, site navigation, and so on.

  • Web Layout Your website layout refers to your web interface. You need to keep it simple, clean, and comprehensive. It should be designed so that visitors can easily make a mental note of its features at a glance. Opening a website with jam-packed content can be overwhelming.

  • Fonts & Typography While font & typography should vary due to marketing techniques, it should be clearly visible and easy to read. Your choice of background colour also has to be considered for readability. Nonetheless, the selection should be determined by your target audience. For instance, certain fonts are catchy to a particular audience demographic. The right font can influence sales by dictating whether your visitors find it attractive, easy and engaging for them to stay on the website. This decision can be guided by market research when first understanding your ideal client avatar.

  • Website Navigation One of the best things you can do for your customers and site visitors is to provide them with a website that can be easily navigated. Your customers want to get any information they want quickly and hassle-free in the comfort of their home or office. A sluggish website or haphazardly designed site can be frustrating and irritating to anyone. You need to have all the content on your site well arranged in a menu bar to help users go through them in an organised manner. You should also focus on leading them to the most important content or pages for a better experience. This is another major web design component that dictates conversion rates and sales.

We can help you create a high-converting website by catering your website to your ideal audience. Want to find out what it's like working with us? Get started. Or, If you have a project in mind, set up a meeting with a member of our team.

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