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How to Delight Your Customers on Your Website

There is no ‘one size fits all’ for customer service.

Customer service is a carefully thought out guide that is planned and executed to the highest quality. Business strategy, branding and consumer experience therefore have to be of top quality to ensure customers stay and engage with your webpage.

Your website is the best way to capture clients and delight them with your brand. Well thought website design can make your clients look much more favourably on your business and increase their appreciation of what you have to offer as a small and upcoming brand.

1) Contact

Make it easy for clients to get in personal touch with you. Make them aware that behind the product is a ready to go customer service team who will always be willing to solve issues and answer any queries. The Contact Us page that contains all of the relevant information is critical for making the process easier for your clients. Also setting up a live chat on Messenger or Whatsapp business can mean that customers can get their queries answered on the go and make the communication line open and available for a higher chance of website visitor conversions.

2) Reward Loyal Clients

It’s crucial to keep track of the customers who make a high volume of interaction and who boost your brand online via social media. These are your brand advocates and your loyal supporters, and they should be rewarded accordingly.

3) Provide Clear Information

The website should be exceedingly attractive and engaging but also needs to be simple enough that a potential client does not get lost in information. The harder it is to find the information they need about your products or services, the higher the odds that your customers will move on to a competitor so make sure all key information including pricing, contacts and FAQ’s are on the website from the start.

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