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Micro-Sites: What Are They and Why You Need Them for Your Website?

As a website owner or digital marketer, creating focused content to engage your audience can be challenging, given the level of competition out there. However, to drive traffic to your site, the concept of micro-sites can be an excellent way to stay ahead.

What is Micro-site?

A micro-site is a group of web pages or a branded webpage that is separate from your main website. The purpose of micro-sites is to provide another platform for prospective customers to find your business with the aim that your unique content will motivate them to take action. By action, it could be that they choose to sign up for email newsletters. A micro-site should essentially contain your brand's components, such as logo, schemes, color, fonts, etc. You also have the option of adjusting and rearranging them so your micro-site can stand out from your main website.

Why You Need a Micro-site for Your Website?

Launching Brand Visibility 

When you have a new product to launch, you can easily redirect interested customers to your micro-site where you have your promotion in exhibitions, media promotions, email and social media campaigns, and several more. 

Increase Brand Visibility 

Micro-sites provide another option for businesses to improve their brand online presence. Since micro-site are used for content that is informative, engaging, fun, creative, innovative, they can help gain and maintain lasting awareness.

Improve Customer Engagement 

Customers now demand more interaction and want more engagement with their favorite brands. A micro-site is a way to attend to this growing need. If you give them this, they'll feel more connected to your brand and become more loyal. They'll also engage in referral marketing, thereby becoming brand advocates with you knowing it.

Generate Target Leads

With micro-sites can be used to capture leads who have already indicated an interest in your product or service. Those leads will likely convert to customers. Prospects, most times, just need a little enticing to become loyal customers and brand advocates.

Targeting Market Based on Geography 

If your business has a physical location, micro-sites can help you discover customers from that particular location. Using micro-sites, you can target prospects searching for your products or services in your business location.

Promoting Events

There are various campaigns and physical events that companies usually organize to promote their brand visibility, presence, or announce a change in M.O. You can easily highlight the details of the event on your micro-site. Micro-sites allow you to elaborate more than the typical corporate sites.

Final Thoughts

A micro-site can be a cluster of web pages or a single webpage that is usually temporary to serve a particular purpose. Although they are different from regular websites, their goal, just like the main websites, is to help customers browse through helpful information while improving brand awareness. A micro-site is an excellent investment to consider to enhance your customers' experience.  

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