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The Importance of Having a Logo That Aligns With Your Brand

Companies have a minuscule window of opportunity to grab a client’s attention, which makes having an effective logo paramount to any business. Your logo will be the first thing consumers latch onto, even before your company name so they will use this as an identifier going forward. There is a high probability it will also be one of the key ways to distinguish your brand from your competitors and attract your target market. This doesn’t mean that all you need is an eye-catching logo to instantly break the market, but the logo is the focal point where your aligned branding will stem out from.

Your brand will be advertised in a multitude of different arenas, from the more traditional print media to the numerous social media platforms that clientele will have at their fingertips, which makes cohesive branding essential. Read our ‘The importance of brand consistency’ blog for an in-depth article about the why a cohesive brand is essential for any business.

So, what is the importance of having a logo that aligns with your brand? Well, hear us out:

Better Brand Recognition

Your brand is how people feel about your company, not just about a name or a logo. But for such a connection to be built, you would need to build a brand that respects its audience and provides it with all the elements that fulfil a holistic vision and the promise of a transformation your audience is looking for and willing to invest in.

Improved Customer Relationships

If your logo is the first impression you make to your clients then having it aligned with the rest of your branding is what builds and strengthens your relationship with them. Your brand identity is constantly sending out a message and reassuring your clients they’re in safe hands with a company that is confident in who they are and what they do. Overtime, that familiarity will turn into trust and loyalty.

Once you create an aligned brand this will solidify your story internally and externally and be a part of the growth of the company. Of course, aligning your brand is not an overnight task, but here at Magnetic London we can help you build your brand, grow your brand and find your ideal marketing strategy that brings you results.

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