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What is a full-service creative agency?

As you can imagine, we get this question a lot! So, we thought, why not write a blog post about it and just put it out there. Since this is a hot topic, this is the quick answer: A full-service agency handles all marketing aspects of a business from graphic design, website design and production, social media, digital marketing, copywriting, analytics. What makes us particularly different is that we also specialise in augmented reality alongside everything else. 

As a full-service creative agency, we have an international talent pool to cater to a business’ holistic needs all under one roof. Say bye to freelancing the odd jobs and hello to reliable, guaranteed quality of work every time. 

So, now that you may know in short what a full-service agency is, it’s also important to know what we excel at as opposed to speciality agencies. Our forte is in complex projects where many disciplines are required. We delve into strategic planning, production, creativity, innovations, as well as interactive marketing and digital marketing. 

Without a doubt, full-service creative agencies tick of all the boxes, whilst also being able to provide stellar service and unparalleled R.O.I. We offer an integrated approach to a business’ marketing communication needs no matter the size of the business. Be it small, medium or large, our cross-discipline thinking and broad experience position us as leaders in various industries and professions. So, there’s no chance you’ll be going wrong with a full-service agency that covers an array of projects that you require work for! 

There are countless reasons why you would benefit from a full-service creative agency (let’s be real: without splashing your money out).

To name a few:

1. Long-term strategy partnership

2. Broad experience

3. All services under one roof

4. Various budget packages

5. Versatility

6. Cohesiveness 

To find out more benefits click here for our blog post ‘The importance of a full-service agency for small businesses’

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